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How to Take Care Of Your Guttering

You probably almost never think of your guttering, but it’s vital that you keep it in good condition. If they’re blocked or broken, your house can suffer water damage, leading to more expensive repairs later down the line. Although, if you do require your gutter fixing; we can help with that too.

To avoid this, use these tips in order to keep your guttering clear, allowing it to redirect water effectively.

Inspect your gutters

To know what kind of shape your guttering is in, you’ll need to inspect it first. Grab your ladder and get up to take a look at them. You’re looking for anything that’s clogging them, leaks and holes, and anywhere where water damage is occurring. Once you can see where the problems lie, you can get started.

How to clean and maintain your gutters by Kents Direct

Clear any debris

Debris, such as leaves, can easily get trapped in gutters. This causes them to back up, and water overflow into places it shouldn’t. This is especially bad for your roof, as any water damage can lead to rot and mould, meaning you could have to replace sections of it.

Wearing gloves, remove any debris that you see in the gutters. Once they have been totally cleaned out, consider installing a guard to keep the debris out in the future. These guards stop debris from falling into the gutter, but don’t impede the flow of water. They’re well worth buying if you find your gutters get clogged up frequently.

Check your drainpipes

If you’ve cleared all the guttering but still have a clog somewhere, check your drainpipes. These can easily get clogged too, so don’t neglect them. The best way to check them is to take apart the elbow joint and inspect the drainpipe that way. You can unclog it with a garden hose, by snaking it through and blasting it with water to break the clog apart. If this doesn’t work, a broom handle or plumber’s snake will do the job.

Repair your gutters

If you’ve found any small leaks or holes in your gutters, don’t worry. They’re easily repaired, and you won’t have to replace any of it. Use a gutter patching kit to fix these holes and have your gutters leak free again. The instructions in the kit will tell you exactly how to use it.

Replace your gutters

If your guttering is old or badly damaged, you’ll need to replace them. This sounds difficult, but in actuality isn’t all that hard.

You’ll first have to decide what kind of guttering to buy. The most popular type right now is uPVC, as these gutters can stand up to heavy weather conditions, and won’t rust like metal gutters. You can buy them in all kinds of colours and styles too, so you can have gutters that complement the look of your home.

If you need replacement gutters, here at Kents Building Plastics we have a huge range for you to choose from. Our high quality products will help protect your home from water damage, and look good for years to come. Get in touch to find out more.

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