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Summer Decking


Summer is on it’s way, honest! We’re remembering barbecues
parties and lazy sun filled afternoons, with more to come this

How big should I make it? Is a question that’s asked. Try drawing
out with string/rope/chalk or even sand, pop the chairs/table/plants
plant pots/barbecue ect… In the area can you move round it easily?

Another question I’m asked is “if i need a step or two can I make it from

composite decking?” Yes! And it looks good too!

What about a hand rail or balustrade?
Whether you want a more traditional looking hand rail or
a modern glass balustrade, it will really give a beautiful
finish to your decking.

Don’t forget those off cuts either! Matching plant pots or
plant pot movers for those bigger plants or what about
storage, for chair cushions and toys, if there’s enough
even a matching sand play box!

Then sit back, relax and enjoy with family and friends, the
fruits of your labours, not only this summer to come, but
year after year after………