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Spring is Coming

Spring is here and a young mans/ladies thoughts turn to those beautifully drawn out plans on graph paper, or if your like me the back of an envelope!

But before we get to excited and start, let’s make sure the items we saved from the last DIY jobs are fit for purpose. I personally love to hang on to bits and bobs just encase!

What about the silicone lurking at the back of the shed/cupboard we didn’t use? Is it still in date? Look at the bottom of the tube, you’ll see either a date of manufacture (it’s good for a year from the date) or a use by date.

Remember silicone like us hates being kept in the cold.

You’ll need some screws and or nails, a quick check to make sure you have enough will save time in the long run. I speak from experience! There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering your 1 or 2 short!

Check your tools too! Hopefully they went away clean and in the case of saws and screwdrivers ect silicone sprayed. If any tools look well past there best, treat yourself to some shiny new ones!

Last but not least order your fascias, gutter, windows, doors ect … In good time.
Happy DIYing!