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Ready for winter?

Let’s get all those windows and doors ready for the winter!

On a dry day, open those windows! Look closely at the channel around the window, it should be dust, grit and spider free!

If not, use a damp soft cloth and clean. Do the same for the channel in the frame, please re home our spider friends!

Peer at the frame and look for the drainage hole, is it blocked? No, amazing! Yes, never fear a trusty pin will soon have it clear!

With a dry cloth wipe the hinges or use a soft brush to remove grit, get your silicone spray ready and apply to hinges, they’ll move more freely, handy when the north wind is blowing!

Don’t forget your front and back doors too, they love a good clean! Sticky locks? Try a small squirt of silicone spray, into the lock, you’ll be so pleased late at night in the pouring rain when your key turns easily and the Door opens without a kick or push!