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Proud to support

Kent’s are proud to Support Cancer Research Uk

Over the past 20 years Kent’s have always tried to support various charities and get involved with their causes. This year is no exception with 2 of our directors supporting in their very different ways.


“Clare Kent” is going to brave the British waters off the south coast (mad at this time of year) to complete her sponsored swim with only her trusty wetsuit to shield her from the cold.

For more information or if you would like to donate you can visit her just giving page simply click here.



 Now “Mark Brimson” is having a far more relaxed time of it but still making sure that Cancer Reasearch UK get all the benefits. Mark together with his friend Pete McBride has organized a charity dinner dance to be held at The Bristol Hotel on the 9th of October, with tickets at only £39.95 and selling fast.

For more information and to donate you can visit his just giving page simply click here.




Both very different ways to support the charity but as i hope you agree both very worthy. We’ll catch up with them later on this year to see how well they’ve done.