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Wireless Dimming Control Box

£65.77 Incl. VAT

Product Information

Control Box with a wireless controller. Dimmable controller with a range of 20m, you will be able to control a series of lights from quite a distance without leaving your seat.

This product simply allows the lights to be dimmed, turned on/off. It also has the ability to flash the lights in a range of  sequences.

Can control upto a maximum of 900 W

Remote control works from 4x aa batteries.

The box is equipped with an automatic fuse 10A (2500 W), which cuts the circuit when follow types of malfunction are detected:

  • Cable break / short circuit
  • Overheating of the system
  • Power supply over voltage
  • Power consumption is too high

The system restarts after removal or replacement of the faulty item (a 10 minute delay may be necessary to allow the box to cool down.)

Each box has an integral identification code used for filtering radio messages. Only the messages with the correct identification code will be executed. This allows the use of a multitude of different control boxes each with individual management without creating conflicts