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Rosewood PVC Bullnose Window Board 200mm x 5m

£42.72 Incl. VAT

Product Information

This PVC Bullnose window board come in a range of sizes. We can supply 2.5m or 5m lengths which should be suitable for most applications. For the odd job where you would need a longer length they can either be butted together or joined with a jointing strip. Depth wise we supply 200mm, 225mm and 250mm, these are the most common sizes of boards sold and should be suitable for most homes.

This particular board is Rosewood, 5m in length and 200mm wide

They are made completely from PVC and are fairly lightweight due to the hollow core. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they aren’t going to live up to any abuse, these are tough boards and have a skin on them which is resistant to scratching, UV and obviously water damage. The skin shares a similar grain to a kitchen worktop, and so is not a gloss finish.

Designed to be replacement windows boards, they share the same height as a standard wooden window board at 23mm. Ideal for any new builds.

There are 3 different colour available Rosewood, Golden Oak and White

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Whilst it is possible to fit this board like its timber counterpart and mitre the corners, we do supply internal and external cover joints to make the job even easier, these can cover up and cuts which weren’t 100% accurate or for corners that weren’t exactly 90 degrees. For the ends of the boards there are end caps which hide the hollow make up of the board, these can be cut down to the correct length for the ‘horns’. If this is being used in a new build application the end caps can be fitted to the boards before being placed in the window reveals for an even more secure fit.

If your not after a Bullnose window board, we also offer a very similar ‘L’ shaped profile here