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Mud Runner

Your all wondering how the oblivion mud runner team are shaping up!
Let me introduce you to the team members of “muddy minions”!

The instigator, Clare Kent otherwise know as “fruit loop”,
Strengths-as nutty as a box of frogs, loves mud and swimming
Weakness-as nutty as a box of frogs! Hopeless on monkey bars!

Jon Bulmer alias “cider man”
Strengths-seen regularly in the gym, has height advantage
Weakness-not seen outside gym, muddy mudness will be a shock!

Michael England our very own ” Tee Man”
Strengths-regularly plays football and golf, nifty foot work
Weakness-not sure golf will help in 3 foot of water!

Hannah otherwise know as “style guru” a friend of Kents
Strengths- determination, quick on her feet and gorgeous
Weakness- gorgeous (defiantly a mud target!)

Freddie alias “the Freddster” also friend of Kents
Strengths-runner, long legged and as a Yorkshire man used to the wet
Weakness- those long legs may get stuck in the “spiders web” obstacle!

Vicky our very own “Master of Persuasion!”
Strengths-cycles long distances, adventurous and not afraid of mud monsters
Weakness-cycled in Thailand colds going to be a real shocker!!!

Why are we doing this? To raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care, and to encourage this mottle crew, go to our just giving page …..lookup KentsHomeImprovements