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Mud or “Mad” Runners


January 2014

January brings a new year along with those resolutions, you know the ones! Whether you thought yours through or just leapt in without thinking, have you kept yours?

Here at Kent’s we are up for a challenge and made our 2014 resolution in December! 


clean running shoes

In the past with your help, we’ve raised money for various charities, sponsoring Clare our “fruit loop” director to run “Mud-runner” although it’s more run, slide slip, trip run! With a good helping of mud, smiles and cheers!

Clare mud running

A fabulous £4700 was raised running the “London Marathon”, a warm day, with music dancing and a little running in-between! I seem to remember it rained towards the end, ruined the old makeup!
clare mud running dirty

So what was the resolution, I hear you say! Clare has persuaded Jon Bulmer and Michael England to run “Oblivion” 7 miles cross country with her! What is this crazily named run? Think of Mud, add more mud (oh joy!) and throw in some obstacles!

clare mud running very dirty
So with your help we hope to raise at least £2500, so look out for cup cake sales, raffles etc….and more blogs on our training regime soon. Our Charity this year is very close to our hearts after losing two very close friends at the end of 2013. We will be donating all monies raised to “Marie Curie Cancer Care”

marie curie cancer care logo