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Pest Control

Looking to buy DIY Bird Control Products? If you’re fed up with birds nesting on your home, leaving a mess and disturbing your peace then we suggest you purchase these highly effective pest bird control products. Kents Direct offer DIY bird control products to prevent wild birds attempting to nest inside or on your home. View a range of cost-effective, simple solutions such as bird spikes, guards, combs and other deterrents. Please note our Bird Control anti perch spike strips are humane and are not designed to kill, trap, maim or injure any birds.

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    Anti-Perching Spike, 1 m pack

    £5.40 Incl. VAT

    The Anti pearching spikes are 333mm long and interlock to make a metre length.

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  2. Anti Perch Spike Gutter Bracket pack of 3

    Anti Perch Spike Gutter Bracket pack of 3

    £0.90 Incl. VAT

    This polycarbonate gutter bracket allows the bird anti-perching spike to be fiited to any standard gutter.

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  3. Prikka-Strip, 2 m pack

    Prikka-Strip, 2 m pack

    £4.95 Incl. VAT

    Prikka-Strip comes in a 500mm x 45mm strip, 4 to a pack gives you a 2 mtr run. Its unique double hinge allows it to be fixed even on an angle.

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  4. Over Fascia Bird Comb - 1m length

    Over Fascia Bird Comb - 1m length

    £1.00 Incl. VAT

    The bird stop is designed to tack down and sit underneath the edge of tiles or corrugated roofing sheets.

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  5. Stixall White Adhesive

    Stixall Grab Adhesive - White

    £5.50 Incl. VAT As low as: £4.50

    Kents Direct stock Stixall Grab Adhesive in White, allowing to you to stick literally anything together in the home. Order online direct today.

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