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Composite Decking Tiles Information

New “Kents” Composite Decking Tiles

With the natural look of wood and the combined with the longevity of plastic you can now create, renew your terrace in no time. Composite Decking tiles are available in deep brown and pebble grey the tiles are individual pieces that will interlock with ease to create a permanent or temporary base.

Each decking tile measures 300 x 300 x 22mm.

The composite decking tiles are already attached to a polypropylene mat with an interlocking system of studs and rings so one tile snaps into the other and other and other…..

When using the tiles on rubber or roofing you must first place rubber tiles down to protect the existing roof covering.

Advantages of Composite Decking Tiles

Composite Decking Tiles are ideal for…


All our composite decking tiles come complete with fitting instructions and we have staff who can provide advice on fitting here at our store. Call 01454 313135 if you need a hand today.