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What A Great Show

May 2011 – Malvern Spring Garden Show

What a great show…..!

Well the weather held off and the crowds didn’t disappoint. Thanks to all of you who took the time to come and visit our stand this year at the 2011Sprig Garden Show. We had a great time meeting and chatting to hundreds of people and came away with some very nice enquiries. It’s always nice to chat to our customers and hear your views and from what we could tell was the UPVC roof tiles were a big hit. Click the picture below to see what we were featuring. Thanks again from Kent’s

Malvern Spring Garden Show

May 2011 – Malvern Spring Garden Show

Its that time of year again, Come and see us at the Malvern Spring Garden Show at the Three Counties Show Ground. We’ll be there from Thursday the 12th till Sunday the 15th, opening hours are 9 till 6. Come along and say hello we’re on stand 373 of the Garden Shopping Pavillion and we’ll be showing our composite decking, glass balustrade, UPVC tiles and fencing.


The True Cost of Cheap DIY Decking

April 2011

Kent Composite Decking will cost you more than softwood decking – initially!
But when you look at the life costs there may be a great argument for spending to save.

decking base     decking base

The structure to support softwood decking needs to be placed at a maximum of 400mm centre but Kent Composite Decking can be supported at 500mm centres – 600mm for our Commercial Deck. The cost saving for timber supports can be significant but not as great as the saving on preservatives for the softwood decking.

Kent Composite Decking has a warranty of 25 years and will not require any preservative treatment at any time in its life a brush and an occasional wash will keep it looking great.

The current price for decking oil is around £33.69 for 5litres and a brush is £7.10 (both prices from Wickes 15.03.2011) and as softwood timber deck should be treated at least every 2 years that is an initial treatment and 12 further treatments over 25 years at a cost of £681.12 at today’s prices!

The best anti rot guarantee on softwood decking from a large DIY store is 10 years which would suggest that it will last longer but not over 25 years. Therefore you should allow for the replacement cost of the decking at least once when comparing to our composite product. 

composite decking

Based on the above and comparing the cost of a 4.8m x 2.4m softwood deck from Wickes against the same area of Kent Composite Decking boards (ignoring fixings and finishing to both) the Wickes deck could cost £839.96 over 25 years while the Kent Composite Deck would be £614.69!

(All prices as on the internet on 15th March 2011)

Click here to see the costing calculations referred to above.

    complete composite decking           

So when looking at prices of decking, consider the whole life costs and you may find you cannot afford not to use the superior Kent Composite Decking that looks and feels like wood without the splinters and the maintenance requirements and that is not slippery even when wet.

Happy Easter

April 2011

Happy Easter

Please note we will be taking a break over the Easter Bank Holidays

Our Hereford and Bristol sales counters will be closed

Friday 22nd  -  closed

Saturday 23rd  -  closed

Monday 25th  -  closed

re-opening as normal Tuesday 26th

Also to Celebrate the Royal Wedding we will also be closed 

easter eggFriday 29th  -  closed easter egg

Saturday 30th  -  closed 

Monday 2nd  -  closed

re-opening on Tuesday the 3rd


Painless Decking

Decking, A Painless Life

Is this you? You enjoy a good dry day sitting on decking in the garden with friends. The next day it rains and you walk out across the deck, slip over and bang the back of your head. When you try to get up you get a splinter in your hand and then you remember that you still haven’t treated the timber with deck stain this year so you will have to spend the next dry day on your knees doing just that.

Well, there is another way.

Kent Composite Decking is manufactured using a process that combines 50% wood waste from industrial saw mills with 50% pvc. It looks and feels like wood but it is pre finished in a choice of colours. It will never need staining or treating, just a wash off from time to time. It does not splinter, does not allow algae to grow and does not get slippery even when wet!

Kent Composite Decking feels great under the feet too and you won’t find out what it feels like on the knees because you will not have to spend hours knelt down staining with a brush.

Kent Composite Decking costs more than softwood but will save you pounds on the cost of stains and treatments and on the structure as it requires fewer supports.

With its 25 year warranty you can be sure that you are not going to have to replace Kent Composite Decking in a few years.

And it is nice not to fall over in the rain!

March Door Specials

March 2011

To coincide with our show at the “Ideal Home Exhibition” we are now able to give you some great special offers on the following doors.



Victorian Oak, Malton Oak, Colonial Oak, Whitechapel Oak, Euston Oak

But don’t hang around they can’t last long, special offers end 31-05-2011

Ideal Home !

March 2011   -   Ideal Home Exhibition

We’re on the move again. The show season has started and we’re at one of the biggest. Come along customers old and new to visit us on our stand to see our huge range of internal doors.

We’ll be on stand 1M76 at the Ideal Home show at Earls Court on Wed 23rd and Thur 24th pay us a visit to take advantage of the special offer show prices. 


How Secure is Your Door ?

February 2011


Panel Pushing – and ways of solving the problem




Security should always be a major consideration when buying a residential door but with the double glazing industry being so competitive some companies have cut costs by fitting pvcu doors with panels that were not reinforced. Pvc door panels that are not reinforced are simply two thin sheets of pvc bonded to a sheet of polystyrene insulation and if you have ever held a piece of polystyrene that is less than 25mm thick, you will be able to imagine just how weak such a panel could be. With an unreinforced door panel one hard push on the panel or one good kick could be all a burglar need give to enter your home.

If you have a door panel in your door (or the bottom of a window in place of glass) press it with your hand and see if it will bow. If it does it is probably not reinforced.

A reinforced panel has a plywood or mdf core bonded to 2 layers of expanded polystyrene and then to the outer skins to make a strong rigid sandwich that is greatly resistant to ‘panel pushing’. Panels with double reinforcement are also available even greater security.

You can replace panels relatively simply by removing the glazing beads and replacement reinforced panels can be supplied cut to size for trade or DIY fitting from companies such as Kent Home Improvements or can be supplied and fitted by window companies. You should expect to pay from around £45 per square metre for DIY reinforced flat panel with glazed and raised panels costing more.

If you decide to replace a residential door a stronger alternative to panelled doors are Composite Doors and these are rapidly becoming the low maintenance door of choice. Composite doors have a one piece door leaf pre-hung in a pvcu door frame and give the look of a finished wood door without the future painting costs. A typical composite door leaf is made from two layers of high performance thermoplastic bonded to a frame of engineered timber with a core of high density polyurethane foam. Some are even reinforced with a steel mesh to give enhanced security.

When choosing a Composite door make sure it is fitted with multi-point locking with hook bolts and ‘dog bolt hinges’. These hinges have an integral bar that pushes through the frame as the door closes to stop the frame being forced by a would be intruder with a crow bar. Ideally, choose a composite door that has been approved under the ‘Secure by Design’ Official Police Security Initiative.

Another replacement door option that is regaining its popularity is real wood. The reason for the return to favour is that they can now be supplied pre treated with stains or paint finishes, pre fitted with hardware and with very secure hook bolt multi-point locking mechanisms. And please, if you are looking to buy any timber product look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo that proves the timber is sourced from a sustainable timber supply.



Kent Home Improvements www.kentsdirect.com – 01454 313135

That’ll Do Nicely

February 2011

Just a quick note to say we now take American Express.

Thats right, so not only can you take advantage of our GREAT DEALS you can also earn whilst your paying for them

Safe use of ladders

February 2011

Did you know that a third of all fall-from-height incidents involve ladders and stepladders ? On average this accounts for 14 deaths and 1200 major injuries to workers each year. Many of these are down to inappropriate or incorrect use of the equipment. These are a few of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to ladders produced by the HSE.


  • Do, make sure your fit for what you want to do 
  • Make sure the ladder is fit for purpose, no damage to the rungs or stiles, clean, secure when extended
  • Think about the position of your ladder, the correct angle 75º, fixed at the bottom on a firm, clear, dry and level surface
  • Only work on the ladder for up to 15 to 30 minutes max, then take a break. 
  • Keep both feet on the same rung/step during the task and also keep three points of contact with the ladder.


  • Don’t overload the ladder, the person and anything they are carrying should not exceed the weight limit stated on the ladder.
  • Over reach or stretch, a guide is to keep your navel inside the stiles of the ladder (the two sides that hold the rungs)
  • Carry anything overly heavy, tools or materials should weigh less than 10kg.
  • Lean the ladder on a fragile surface, for example PVC guttering any glazing or windows.
  • Work off the top three rungs of the ladder; give yourself room for a handhold.

 For the full HSE “Safe use of ladders and step ladders” please click here to download the PDF

February Specials

February Already

Well the January sales have come and gone but Kent’s Monthly Specials still roll on.

Not only have we managed to extend the price for the 175mm pvc fascia capping but we’ve also saved on the soffit. Also try our new general purpose silicone, its price should seal the deal.


Click the above pictures to see our fantastic special prices.


Happy New Year

January 2011

Happy New Year, everyones back to it , with the Diets, the Detox and for some the DIY. Don’t forget our specials still carrying on till the end of January, the 175mm capping fascia boards, 4 mtr gutter lengths and the 45mm architrave.


Also we’re still getting plenty of enquires on the internal oak veneered doors, as seen at the Bath and West Show Ground back in November with the Home Build Renovation Show. Take a look at the huge choice of designs.


Christmas Specials

December 2010

Thats right, as from November we’ve kept the specials and added to them, even though our buying price has increased we’re keeping them for a Christmas treat.

5 metre x 175mm, 10mm capping board, – £ 8.10 incl VAT

4 metre Gutter, Square and Round, Black or White, – £ 4.66 incl. VAT

5 mtetre x 40mm white Architrave, white – £ 1.29 incl. VAT

Take advantage now and beat the VAT increase.

May we now take this oppertunity to wish all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Kents Direct.



Local School

November 2010

Earlier this year we were able to help one of our local schools by providing the roofing sheets to cover a play area. Put up by one of our customersthe school were very happy.


September 2010

Nice words from Phil Brumfitt, Area Director of BNI networking Avon & monmouth. Phil is one of our very happy customers as the letter states.

What? More Special Offers

November 2010

We had a great weekend at the “Homebuilding & Renovating Show” at Shepton Mallet. Meeting and chatting to so many nice people about their different projects. It’s good to see that even in these harder times the market is still very much alive.



As promised last time here are a few of the show specials available now but only up until 22nd Dec.

November December Special Prices

November & December Specials

Take a look at our Super prices…………

 175mm x 10mm capinng boards £8.10 incl vat

White Square Gutter 4 mtr. £4.70 incl vat

Ali Cap and Gasket, Various sizes, Great Prices

Dont forget next week, specials on selected Oak Veneered Doors !


November, Home Builing And Renovations Show

November 2010 

Yes along with the chill November brings the

“Home Building and Renovation Show”.

Kent Home Improvements will be there on Sunday the 28th showing off a selected range of our Real Oak veneered Doors.

So if your in the vicinity pop along to see the quality up close and personal.

 Dont’ forget to come back next week to take advantage of the show special prices !  

Best of Bristol, June 2010 Exhibition

June 2010

Kent Home Improvements
Kent Home Improvements will be at The Best of Bristol Business Exhibition. Come and say hello

Visit www.businessxtra.biz for more details

Showing at Bristol City Football Club, 10-30 to 3-30, 22nd June 2010

Jeff Noneley, Inge Dowden, Matt Richardson, March 2010

Feb 2010

Jeff Noneley Online ” Ambassador Skirting Cover.” Customer

“Fantastic Service, order placed and arrived less than 24 hours later ! Products look great.”



March 2010


“I’ve had a conservatory, new windows and a new front door from Kents and they are all excellent. I would definitely recommend you go to Mark to supply the kit that you can fit 😉

Inge Dowden – Polyglot Coaching
March 2010
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kents for nearly a year. They have recently supplied  a new front door for me. Their knowledge and service is OUTSTANDING and their enthusiasm was a real plus point in making my decision to use them. I couldnt recommend Kent’s anymore..they’re FANTASTIC!! “

Matt Richardson – Chorus IT