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Clares Hints & Tips, Decking plan

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-Decking Plan,

The snows gone, the skies are brightening, is it to early to think about planning decking for the garden/balcony or around a static caravan?  The answers no, many people start planning decking as soon as the Christmas holidays and they have  been and gone! When planning decking think about where to site it, do you want full sun or  perhaps some shade. Size is also important, it is better to make the decking area big enough  for all your needs at the outset. Don’t forget you can have a shaped decking area and if your  feeling creative why not introduce another colour with a shaped section, very easy to do and  effective, just remember to allow for more brackets. Top tip if your not sure how big your decking  needs to be, get the patio furniture, arrange, then walk round, when measuring the area you have   allow for a slightly bigger perimeter. For more Hints & Tips listen to radio Sunshine 106.3fm

Clare’s Hints & Tips, Handles and doors

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-handles for doors and windows can make such a big difference to the appearance of a home or house,

it’s worth taking a little time to talk through some design ideas  After all the front door is often the item that gives that important first statement. You can change  the look of a door or for that matter a window, just by choosing for instance a brushed nickel  or brass handle rather than the standard white handle. Also think about any glass panels in   front doors, not only can they create a feeling of individuality, they can also bring much needed  light into a hall way. All these changes cost surprisingly little, but can make a big difference  between making your house a home or making that important house sale. For more Hints &  Tips listen to Sunshine Radio 106.3fm

Clare’s Hints & Tips

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-Safety First! I have been asked if working from a ladder is ok, when 

fixing gutter, fascia and barge boards? The short answer is NO!

Be safe, hire suitable scaffolding (if a neighbour needs new gutter/fascia you could share the cost) 

Another good tip, which I use, is to ask what lengths the fascia/barge boards come in (usually 

5m), ask for them to be cut in half or do it yourself, remember to get extra joints, yes it is 

a little more expensive, but some much easier to deal with 2.5m lengths and you’ll get the 

job done quicker! Another hot tip is to measure where your poly top pins will need to go on 

the fascia/barge boards, then whilst the boards are on your work bench start them of, this 

makes it so much easie to hammer them in once your on the scaffolding. More hints and tips 

on Sunshine Radio 106.3 fm

Clare’s Hints & Tips

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-gutter leaking 2- if your gutter is leaking and over overflowing, even after you 

have followed 13 February’s advice, do not dispare! It could be a fixing problem, a ccommon mistake when fixing gutter is to have a steep slope down to the running outlet, this is not necessary as modern running outlets are designed to act like a “vortex”, once there is water in the gutter it will naturally move towards the running outlet, which will “pull” the water in and down the down pipe. If you think this maybe the problem, take the gutter down and re seat on a more level line. The other thing to consider if you have a larger or steep roof, your gutter maybe to small, in this case replace with a deeper gutter and possible an extra down pipe. For more hints and tips listen to Sunshine Radio 106.4fm Thursday and Saturday morning.

Clare’s Hints & Tips

 Clare’s Hints & Tips- Bored with white fascias? Want a colour to go with your front door? 

Dont worry, Kent Home Improvements, have beautiful coloured fascia’s, from robust red, 

deep blue, light or dark grey, gorgeous green and even regal cream, to name but a few!

All with a 10 year guarantee. Then there’s wood effect too, so be bold, start a new trend 

be individual! More hints and tips on sunshine radio Thursdays and Saturday mornings 

 106.3 fm.



Clare’s DIY hints & tips-decking

 Clare’s DIY hints and tips- What do I do about slippery decking and should I put chicken 

Wire over it? Two of many questions people have asked about decking! It benefits from

cleaning to remove grit, dirt and moss, if its wood, this is best done with a pressure hose 

or brush and sharp sand. Wood decking will also need treating bi annually, although with 

the weather conditions in the past 12 months, yearly maybe the answer. In my opinion it’s a

Big no to chicken wire especially if you have young children and or pets! If after all that its still 

lethal underfoot, consider replacing with a new composite deck, Upvc and wood mix, Upvc 

gives a slip resistant surface and repeals moss growth, whilst the wood gives a natural look 

land feel. Available in various colours, easy fit and a 25 year guarantee.

Clare’s hints and tips-windows sticking

 Are your windows difficult to open and close? Try these tricks. Clean the window inside,

outside, inner frame and recess of window, with warm water with a drop of washing up 

liquid mixed in, use a soft cloth. Check for any grit and remove. Make sure nothing is 

blocking the drainage holes, normally located in the middle of the inside of lower frame (

occasionally they are positioned to one side). Now spray the hinges with silicon spray and 

apply some spray to a cloth wipe over the rubbers on the inside of window. This should 

solve the problem! I recommend doing this every year no matter what type of window 

you have, it will save you money by making your windows last for longer.

Clare’s DIY hints & tips, leaking gutter

 If your gutters leaking after all the bad weather, don’t take it all down, grit maybe the 

problem! Grit can get between the rubbers and the unions,running outlets or external 

stopends. Take down the joints running outlets and external stopends, give them a good 

clean and here’s a good tip, I like to use silicon spray to help click the gutter back into 

place. Then test your gutter! If this doesn’t solve the problem come and talk to use at

our Yate and Hereford branches or ask me a question via the “contact” or “comment”


Congatulations Phoebe

November 2012

Congratulations Phoebe

After our very successful open day we would like to give our congratulations to Phobe ! Pictured below Phoebe was the lucky winner of the Apple Ipad. Drawn at the end of a very busy day Phoebe was said to say “when I was told I had won I thought it was friends messing around, i’m was so surprised. This is just what i wanted for Christmas”

James Tutton (sales) awarding Phoebe with her new Ipad.

But Phoebe wasn’t the only winner. Plenty of our customers took advantage of all the special offers on the day with the 50% off the Oak Internal Doors being a firm favourite.

Kent’s Open Day, November 2012

November 2012

Yes to celebrate the opening of our new premises and the our NEW showroom we are having an Open Day Special

Come on down to our Yate branch on the day to take advantage of all our special offers and also you could win an Apple Ipad.

New Longer Guarantee

October – 2012

Evan Longer Guarantee

Thats right now with our “Freefoam” PVC-UE Boards and the “Freeflow” gutter you can get a 50 year lifetime guarantee on their white products. just click for details.

Kent’s Super September

September ’12

Super Offers now available during September!!


August Oak Internal Door Specials

In line with the opening of our new showroom click on the ad below

Kents Are on the Move

July 2012 – Kent’s Are On The Move

It’s been a fair few years since Kent Home Improvements first opened in Yate. First opening our doors for business way back in 1989 to both the trade and retail concentrating on the supply of the new PVC-u fascia’s, soffit’s and gutter systems. Since then we have grown from strength to strength, taking on other products such as PVC-u windows, doors and conservatories and also taking over other units for the extra room required.

Our New Address is

Unit K Lawrence Drive, Stover Tarding Estate

Yate Bristol BS37 5PG

Now more than 23 years later and out growing the space available we have moved to `Bigger’ and `Better’ premises. Still in the heart of Yate, close to all our original customers we have taken on a `new’ challenge.  We now have a 11,500 square foot unit which includes a 1350 square foot counter and showroom. As a growing company we have also taken on more staff to make sure that we still show the exceptional service that Kent’s pride themselves upon. If your in the area and you get the chance pop your head round the door for a nose. Enjoy a free coffee and see what we can do for you.

Well Done Clare

April 2012 – Well Done Clare

Well done Clare! Last time we told you of Clare, one of the founding directors of Kent Home Improvements, she was about to attempt her first marathon and it was the London Marathon at that. Well she did very well and finished in a time of 5 hours and 58 minutes which was great going, also considering she did three on the run interviews with Sunshine Radio of Hereford.  

Even better than all that was Clare managed to raise over £2200.00 for her charity Help the hospice.

A fantastic result all round i think you’ll agree, again well done Clare and thanks to everyone for all their support. You can still give by visiting Clare’s “just giving” page at www.justgiving.com/clare-kent123

She’s up to her Old Tricks

February 2012 – She’s up to her old tricks,

Thats right “Clare Kent” one of the founding directors of Kent Home Improvements is doing it again. Back in April 2010 Clare braved the cold waters of Sidmouth for her sponsored swim in aid of Cancer Research UK, 2011 was the turn of the Eastnor Castle Hereford  Mud Run,


and now its the BIG ONE, The Virgin London Marathon 2012. Yes on the 22nd of April 2012 Clare will be running the London Marathon on behalf of “Help The Hospices” and her good friend Lyn. Kent Home Improvements are delighted to suppourt and sponsor Clare and if you want to do the same click on her “just giving” link www.justgiving.com/clare-kent123

New Guarantee On Gutter Colours

January 2012 – New Guarantee on Gutter Colours

Tired of “Tired Old Faded Guttering?”

Freefoam’s “Freeflow” is a range of innovative, high quality PVC-U rainwater system that are the result of Freefoam’s culture and continuous innovation and investment in research and development. A 20 Year Extended Guarantee is available on all regustered Freeflow installations, subject to terms and conditions. Freeflow is available in white, brown,black and in square, round, deepflow or the shaped ogee design……….

Each rainwater syatem is co-extruded with a white interior and a range of external colours……….

To find out more about the guarantee and download the brochure CLICK HERE

New decorative Cladding

August 2011 – New Decorative Cladding

Thats right here at Kent’s we have another great new product to add to our range. Our new decorative cladding, and thats not all it comes in 2 new styles. Perfect for the bathroom, a shower, a wet room and kitchen. Not only wet areas, you can also use it in your conservatory, garage, or utility room.

The tongue and groove cladding planks are the traditional style fitting system, they measure 2.7 tall and a pack will cover 1 metre wide,they have a hollow, honey combe core which is designed to give it its strength and rigitity, another advantage is a layer of insulation. The difference is they’re thinner and not as bulky, at 5mm they’re approximately the same thickness as traditional tiles.


The second range is the wider tongue and groove panels, these measure 2.7 tall and 1 metre wide and are sold each, per panel. They are thicker at 10mm but this gives them a truely robust finish and agian a good insulation value so its warm to the touch. These are perfect for showers as two or three panels will give you the coverage to complete the job on no time at all, bathrooms and wet rooms alike.

Both are working out cheaper than the traditional tiling, quick and easy to fit with no wet trades necessary, 100% waterproof and with 10 glossy finishes to chose from your not short on choice. 


To top it all off it gets better still, they are on a special off launch price offer while stocks last, 

A pack of 4 no. plank 2.7 x 250 = £ 30.00 incl. VAT

A 1 metre panel at 2.7 x 1 metre = £57.00 incl. VAT


impressive service

I recently ordered some Skirting boards and adhesive from you and was impressed by your speedy delivery. The skirting boards are now fitted and as well as looking superb, I do not think they will ever fall off – what a good adhesive that Stixall is!
Alan Wilmott, Malvern

The Natural Composite decking

May 2011 – The Natural Composite Decking

When you look at timber decking that has been stained to preserve it you will see that it is basically the same colour in the rain as when it is dry. It may darken a little or it may have water beads sitting on it but it looks the same as it would when dry.



Kent Composite Decking is a little different. When dry the deck will look like wood and when wet you will find that the planks darken which enhances the colour. When they dry they lighten again. But the interesting thing I have noticed with my Kent Composite Deck is that the planks dry differently each time.

Sometimes one area will take longer to dry that another or an odd plank or two may dry and change colour quicker and so on. The changing colour adds interest to the garden and gives variation to a large deck area.

Kent Composite Cladding for external walls, after an initial weathering, performs in the same way changing the look of a building when it gets wet and then dries.