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Clare’s Hints & Tips-breathable membranes

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-when using externally cladding remember to purchase some breathable 

membrane too. This will help the timber batons and brick work breath, also helps prevent 

water penetration. This is particularly important if you are cladding a north facing wall and 

in view of the particularly wet windy weather we have had over the past 24 months! Fixing 

is easy, first fix batons on wall at intervals recommended by manufacture apply membrane 

Then fix second row of batons, you can usually fix to the first set, then clad. Top tip don’t 

over tighten screws, you will not only distort the cladding, but also prevent a small amount 

of movement the cladding needs..

Clare’s Hints & Tips-saving water

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-Save water with a water butt! Check your gutters and down pipes 

first, making sure there’s no leaks and the fixings are placed close enough together and 

strong enough for the job! Clear any debris from the gutter and down pipe, now your 

ready to fit the water butt, this is very easy, check that the water butt you purchased has a 

stand, tap and diverter included. Set up the water butt on its stand in its final position, now 

your ready to mark the down pipe the instructions given for your product will tell you how 

much needs to be removed, place diverter this is sometimes a tight fit. Attach hose to 

water butt (you may need to make the hole, this is usually marked by a round shallow 

indent) remember to use all the washers/screws provided. If you think you have the space 

I would consider putting two water butts on one down pipe, all you need to do is join the two 

together using just the pipe section from the diverter (on the main butt, you will need to make 

LAN extra hole a similar hieght to the original rain diverter.

Clare’s Hints & Tips-Panels

 Clare’s Hints & Hints

Replacing door panels, or the panels below windows. Often these panels are very flimsy with little or no strength or insulating properties! When you order a  replacement panel ask for one that is reinforced, this will not only give you much better  security (and peace of mind) but is also much thicker adding some much needed insulation to this area. It will cost more than the old style panel, but in my opion is defiantly worth paying out for.

Clare’s Hints & Tips-Decking types

 Clare’s Hints &. Tips-Types of decking,

there are various materials you can use for decking my least favourite would be soft wood, as even with regular treatment it is not a product  that lasts I prefer to use a product with some longevity to it. Composite decking made from  upvc and a mixture of wood shaves is a good looking, long lasting product, slip resistant,  doesnt require treatment and gives a natural look. Hard wood is another good choice  although this will need to be regularly treated, if you want to keep its good looks. All are relatively easy to fit, don’t forget that if you are laying decking over gravel or pebbles it is best to put a weed supprecent membrane in, you don’t want weeds appearing through your decking! Last thought, don’t be afraid to have a deck area in two colours and a shape other than square or rectangular! Then enjoy the fruits of your labours!

Clare’s Hints & Tips-Tools

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-Tools, having spent your hard earned cash on some DIY tools, 

make them last longer and work better, clean after use and for saws chisels screw drivers 

ect… Spray with silicon spray before putting them back. Keep silicon spray handy when using 

your saw, spray regularly, this will make sawing smoother and easier! Don’t scrimp on nails 

screws pins ect… Buy the best, you only want to do the job once!

Clare’s Hints & Tips-conservatories

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-My conservatory gets to hot what can I do?

One very good remedy is to have a least one roof vent, which can be designed to open when a certain temperature is reached, you can also restrict how much the vent opens. Personally I would have two vents. You can also add blinds or curtains to reduce heat build up. If you haven’t ordered/built your conservatory yet nows the time to add some vents and plenty of opening windows. I see many conservatories with just a couple of top opening windows! This isn’t enough! If the budget will  allow it make every other window open, this will help with air movement and heat. Also consider heat solar control activ* glass, especially if your conservatory is south facing!

I would even  go so far as to have the new style plastic roof tiles especially if your conservatory will have  the benefit of the sun for most of the day.

For any further advise or for a more than competative price call or email us, we’ll be happy to help.

Clare’s Hints & Tips Grass

 Clare’s Hints & Tips- what can I do about a small area of grass I don’t want to cut? I 

would think about artificial grass, especially if you have a small or unusual shaped area 

of grass. Looks very natural, no maintance, hard wearing and easy to revert back to grass!

If you love your garden but want low maintance this is for you. There are various types of 

artifical grass to suit various tastes from immaculate bowling green to natural lawn with 

thatching! For more hints and tips listen to Sunshine Radio 106.4fm Thursday and Saturday 


Clare’s & Hints-Conservatories

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-Conservatories, I’m often asked what size should  go for? This is a 

matter of personal choice, but one tip I can give is always go for as big as you can afford! 

Once you start using a conservatory it’s amazing how quickly it can be filled. Top tips- think 

carefully about how you are going to use this new room, will it be open to the rest of the house 

and or garden? You can have various roofing materials, polycarbonate is light weight, strong 

comes in various thicknesses and tints ( especially good for a sunny spot), glass strong, long 

lasting can be tinted, gives good insulating values, can be supplied as self cleaning or 

insulated roof tiles, excellent insulation values, looks like a traditional roof. Windows and doors 

next, top tip, have plenty of openers , it doesn’t cost much extra but you ll be so happy 

when its hot! For more hints and tips listen to sunshine radio 106.4fm Thursday and Saturday 


Clare’s Hints & Tips-Decking around caravans

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-want decking for around your caravan? Look for a fire rated decking, 

which we at Kents can provide, easy fit, in a range of complementary colours, easy care. 

Which we can help you with at Kents. Top tips remember to allow for steps and think about 

what you would like to surround your decking? We can provide plastic or glass balustrades. 

For more Hints & Tips listen to Sunshine Radio 106.4fm Thursday and Saturday mornings


Clare’s Hints & Tips, decking surround

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-I’ve been asked what can I put around my decking?

This is partly a matter of personal taste and what you want to achieve. For example if you are lucky enough to have  a wonderful view then a glass balustrade is for you, a stylish, long lasting, effective barrier  that still allows you to see that view. If that is not your priority then think about plastic fencing  again hard waring, long lasting and effective barrier that doesn’t need, rubbing back, priming  painting or preserving. If you need more of a wind break consider plastic fence panels, again  hard wearing, long lasting and no treatment needed.

Clares Hints & Tips, Decking plan

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-Decking Plan,

The snows gone, the skies are brightening, is it to early to think about planning decking for the garden/balcony or around a static caravan?  The answers no, many people start planning decking as soon as the Christmas holidays and they have  been and gone! When planning decking think about where to site it, do you want full sun or  perhaps some shade. Size is also important, it is better to make the decking area big enough  for all your needs at the outset. Don’t forget you can have a shaped decking area and if your  feeling creative why not introduce another colour with a shaped section, very easy to do and  effective, just remember to allow for more brackets. Top tip if your not sure how big your decking  needs to be, get the patio furniture, arrange, then walk round, when measuring the area you have   allow for a slightly bigger perimeter. For more Hints & Tips listen to radio Sunshine 106.3fm

Clare’s Hints & Tips, Handles and doors

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-handles for doors and windows can make such a big difference to the appearance of a home or house,

it’s worth taking a little time to talk through some design ideas  After all the front door is often the item that gives that important first statement. You can change  the look of a door or for that matter a window, just by choosing for instance a brushed nickel  or brass handle rather than the standard white handle. Also think about any glass panels in   front doors, not only can they create a feeling of individuality, they can also bring much needed  light into a hall way. All these changes cost surprisingly little, but can make a big difference  between making your house a home or making that important house sale. For more Hints &  Tips listen to Sunshine Radio 106.3fm

Clare’s Hints & Tips

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-Safety First! I have been asked if working from a ladder is ok, when 

fixing gutter, fascia and barge boards? The short answer is NO!

Be safe, hire suitable scaffolding (if a neighbour needs new gutter/fascia you could share the cost) 

Another good tip, which I use, is to ask what lengths the fascia/barge boards come in (usually 

5m), ask for them to be cut in half or do it yourself, remember to get extra joints, yes it is 

a little more expensive, but some much easier to deal with 2.5m lengths and you’ll get the 

job done quicker! Another hot tip is to measure where your poly top pins will need to go on 

the fascia/barge boards, then whilst the boards are on your work bench start them of, this 

makes it so much easie to hammer them in once your on the scaffolding. More hints and tips 

on Sunshine Radio 106.3 fm

Clare’s Hints & Tips

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-gutter leaking 2- if your gutter is leaking and over overflowing, even after you 

have followed 13 February’s advice, do not dispare! It could be a fixing problem, a ccommon mistake when fixing gutter is to have a steep slope down to the running outlet, this is not necessary as modern running outlets are designed to act like a “vortex”, once there is water in the gutter it will naturally move towards the running outlet, which will “pull” the water in and down the down pipe. If you think this maybe the problem, take the gutter down and re seat on a more level line. The other thing to consider if you have a larger or steep roof, your gutter maybe to small, in this case replace with a deeper gutter and possible an extra down pipe. For more hints and tips listen to Sunshine Radio 106.4fm Thursday and Saturday morning.

Clare’s Hints & Tips

 Clare’s Hints & Tips- Bored with white fascias? Want a colour to go with your front door? 

Dont worry, Kent Home Improvements, have beautiful coloured fascia’s, from robust red, 

deep blue, light or dark grey, gorgeous green and even regal cream, to name but a few!

All with a 10 year guarantee. Then there’s wood effect too, so be bold, start a new trend 

be individual! More hints and tips on sunshine radio Thursdays and Saturday mornings 

 106.3 fm.



Clare’s DIY hints & tips-decking

 Clare’s DIY hints and tips- What do I do about slippery decking and should I put chicken 

Wire over it? Two of many questions people have asked about decking! It benefits from

cleaning to remove grit, dirt and moss, if its wood, this is best done with a pressure hose 

or brush and sharp sand. Wood decking will also need treating bi annually, although with 

the weather conditions in the past 12 months, yearly maybe the answer. In my opinion it’s a

Big no to chicken wire especially if you have young children and or pets! If after all that its still 

lethal underfoot, consider replacing with a new composite deck, Upvc and wood mix, Upvc 

gives a slip resistant surface and repeals moss growth, whilst the wood gives a natural look 

land feel. Available in various colours, easy fit and a 25 year guarantee.

Clare’s hints and tips-windows sticking

 Are your windows difficult to open and close? Try these tricks. Clean the window inside,

outside, inner frame and recess of window, with warm water with a drop of washing up 

liquid mixed in, use a soft cloth. Check for any grit and remove. Make sure nothing is 

blocking the drainage holes, normally located in the middle of the inside of lower frame (

occasionally they are positioned to one side). Now spray the hinges with silicon spray and 

apply some spray to a cloth wipe over the rubbers on the inside of window. This should 

solve the problem! I recommend doing this every year no matter what type of window 

you have, it will save you money by making your windows last for longer.

Clare’s DIY hints & tips, leaking gutter

 If your gutters leaking after all the bad weather, don’t take it all down, grit maybe the 

problem! Grit can get between the rubbers and the unions,running outlets or external 

stopends. Take down the joints running outlets and external stopends, give them a good 

clean and here’s a good tip, I like to use silicon spray to help click the gutter back into 

place. Then test your gutter! If this doesn’t solve the problem come and talk to use at

our Yate and Hereford branches or ask me a question via the “contact” or “comment”


Congatulations Phoebe

November 2012

Congratulations Phoebe

After our very successful open day we would like to give our congratulations to Phobe ! Pictured below Phoebe was the lucky winner of the Apple Ipad. Drawn at the end of a very busy day Phoebe was said to say “when I was told I had won I thought it was friends messing around, i’m was so surprised. This is just what i wanted for Christmas”

James Tutton (sales) awarding Phoebe with her new Ipad.

But Phoebe wasn’t the only winner. Plenty of our customers took advantage of all the special offers on the day with the 50% off the Oak Internal Doors being a firm favourite.

Kent’s Open Day, November 2012

November 2012

Yes to celebrate the opening of our new premises and the our NEW showroom we are having an Open Day Special

Come on down to our Yate branch on the day to take advantage of all our special offers and also you could win an Apple Ipad.