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New Opening Hours

Early bird catches the worm!


Like this little fella above, you too will be able to catch thew worm!


As of Monday 30th of June our opening hours will be changing.

They will look like this

Mon – Fri 8.30am – 4.30pm

Sat 8.30am – 12pm

Herefords Champagne Winner for April!

Better late than ever but our April winner for the bottle of champagne in Hereford has finally come in to collect his prize!!


Congratulations to Clint Davies, a general builder from Hereford!


Where can i use polycarbonate?

Where can I use polycarbonate sheeting? You asked and here are some suggestions! I hope your sitting comfortably then I’ll begin!

Conservatory roof, in clear, great for north facing, opal or bronze for south facing!

Carports or door canopy, *Top Tip – let your supplier know which measurement is the slope, so the “ribs” run down the slope.

Sheds, keeps weather out, let’s light in! Works well for greenhouses too! Much safer than glass!

Cold frames and cloches, light weight easy to move, warms up soil quickly and can be made easily from off cuts!

More ideas! I’ve seen it used for part of a rabbit run and one very happy tortoise has a bronze polycarbonate roofed shelter!


Our range of polycarb can be viewed here

Finish it off with new doors!

You’ve repainted , wallpapered and added rugs, cushions and a new picture or two but it still doesn’t look quite right!

Have you thought about changing the doors? Yes the internal doors! This years top decorating tip!

So many styles, from the very traditional to ultra modern, giving a fresh new look to your home.

You need odd sized doors? Or want to design something yourself? Or have matching wardrobe doors? Yes it’s all possible!

Room or hallway to dark? Many door styles come in a glazed and unglazed style! Giving you as much light as you need.

You want to see the designs and quality? Come to our showroom to see your style of door!

Yate April Champagne Winner

Congratulations for our latest Champagne winner.

Mark Mainstone pictured here with Austin in our new Outdoor Living Display.


Mark has been buying fascia and rainwater good from us for a few years now

and rushed in to collect his winnings once he knew!!

Herefords Lucky March Winner

Congratulations to Rob Howgate of Pro Build in Hereford


Better late than never, but Rob is our lucky winner of a bottle of Champagne for our March draw!


All Rob had to do is tell us his Email adress when he made a purchase over £25 and he was put into a draw for a free bottle of bubbly, and maybe at the end of the year he will be win the £250 cash or £500 Kents vouchers!!


Summer Decking


Summer is on it’s way, honest! We’re remembering barbecues
parties and lazy sun filled afternoons, with more to come this

How big should I make it? Is a question that’s asked. Try drawing
out with string/rope/chalk or even sand, pop the chairs/table/plants
plant pots/barbecue ect… In the area can you move round it easily?

Another question I’m asked is “if i need a step or two can I make it from

composite decking?” Yes! And it looks good too!

What about a hand rail or balustrade?
Whether you want a more traditional looking hand rail or
a modern glass balustrade, it will really give a beautiful
finish to your decking.

Don’t forget those off cuts either! Matching plant pots or
plant pot movers for those bigger plants or what about
storage, for chair cushions and toys, if there’s enough
even a matching sand play box!

Then sit back, relax and enjoy with family and friends, the
fruits of your labours, not only this summer to come, but
year after year after………

Prepare for summer!

Remember,  remember a hot September ? Yes we
have had them! What better way to celebrate
another glorious summer than with a new deck!

Questions, questions, yes you’ve asked more!


Can I use a composite deck all year round, yes! It’s slip
resistant so ideal for those autumn/winter parties,
no need to fear you’ll drop that beautifully cooked
burger or sausage on a wet deck!

Can my children and or pets play on composite deck,
yes! Especially as no treatment is required, you don’t have
to worry about chemical residue or splinters.

Don’t forget to stop the weeds! It’s so disappointing when
those pesky weeds start appearing! Use a weed
barrier, and I like to put a good layer of gravel or bark over the top too.

Have fun during the winter building snowmen,dogs and
people on your decking! If your really brave, you can
even dine alfresco in December. Enjoy that decking for
years to come!

Mud Runner

Your all wondering how the oblivion mud runner team are shaping up!
Let me introduce you to the team members of “muddy minions”!

The instigator, Clare Kent otherwise know as “fruit loop”,
Strengths-as nutty as a box of frogs, loves mud and swimming
Weakness-as nutty as a box of frogs! Hopeless on monkey bars!

Jon Bulmer alias “cider man”
Strengths-seen regularly in the gym, has height advantage
Weakness-not seen outside gym, muddy mudness will be a shock!

Michael England our very own ” Tee Man”
Strengths-regularly plays football and golf, nifty foot work
Weakness-not sure golf will help in 3 foot of water!

Hannah otherwise know as “style guru” a friend of Kents
Strengths- determination, quick on her feet and gorgeous
Weakness- gorgeous (defiantly a mud target!)

Freddie alias “the Freddster” also friend of Kents
Strengths-runner, long legged and as a Yorkshire man used to the wet
Weakness- those long legs may get stuck in the “spiders web” obstacle!

Vicky our very own “Master of Persuasion!”
Strengths-cycles long distances, adventurous and not afraid of mud monsters
Weakness-cycled in Thailand colds going to be a real shocker!!!

Why are we doing this? To raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care, and to encourage this mottle crew, go to our just giving page …..lookup KentsHomeImprovements 

Spring is Coming

Spring is here and a young mans/ladies thoughts turn to those beautifully drawn out plans on graph paper, or if your like me the back of an envelope!

But before we get to excited and start, let’s make sure the items we saved from the last DIY jobs are fit for purpose. I personally love to hang on to bits and bobs just encase!

What about the silicone lurking at the back of the shed/cupboard we didn’t use? Is it still in date? Look at the bottom of the tube, you’ll see either a date of manufacture (it’s good for a year from the date) or a use by date.

Remember silicone like us hates being kept in the cold.

You’ll need some screws and or nails, a quick check to make sure you have enough will save time in the long run. I speak from experience! There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering your 1 or 2 short!

Check your tools too! Hopefully they went away clean and in the case of saws and screwdrivers ect silicone sprayed. If any tools look well past there best, treat yourself to some shiny new ones!

Last but not least order your fascias, gutter, windows, doors ect … In good time.
Happy DIYing!

Yates February Champagne Winner


Congratulations to Matt of Fascia Lift, the Februrary winner of our Champagne in Yate, one of our regular trade customers over the last 25 years Matt was quoted to say “The quality of product and service has been excellent over the years which in turn allows me to offer such a good service to my customers”

The champagne is a great start to another great year with Kents’

Yate’s January Champagne Winner

Congratulations to our first Yate Champagne winner Greg Everson of GE Services

Mud or “Mad” Runners


January 2014

January brings a new year along with those resolutions, you know the ones! Whether you thought yours through or just leapt in without thinking, have you kept yours?

Here at Kent’s we are up for a challenge and made our 2014 resolution in December! 


clean running shoes

In the past with your help, we’ve raised money for various charities, sponsoring Clare our “fruit loop” director to run “Mud-runner” although it’s more run, slide slip, trip run! With a good helping of mud, smiles and cheers!

Clare mud running

A fabulous £4700 was raised running the “London Marathon”, a warm day, with music dancing and a little running in-between! I seem to remember it rained towards the end, ruined the old makeup!
clare mud running dirty

So what was the resolution, I hear you say! Clare has persuaded Jon Bulmer and Michael England to run “Oblivion” 7 miles cross country with her! What is this crazily named run? Think of Mud, add more mud (oh joy!) and throw in some obstacles!

clare mud running very dirty
So with your help we hope to raise at least £2500, so look out for cup cake sales, raffles etc….and more blogs on our training regime soon. Our Charity this year is very close to our hearts after losing two very close friends at the end of 2013. We will be donating all monies raised to “Marie Curie Cancer Care”

marie curie cancer care logo

First Hereford Champagne Winner

We are pleased to announce the first winner for our 25th year Champagne celebrations!


Champagne winner


Congratulations to Oliver Kamester of Three Counties Flat Roofing Ltd

Clares Hints & Tips-New Years Gardening

Tasty parsnip, beautiful rainbow chard, wonderful winter cabbages and a mound of straw and earth protecting beautifully taste carrots and potatoes! Welcome to 2014 in the garden

Old timber decking compost bin

Things may be quiet, but there’s lots to do! A big pile of old wooden decking is asking to be made into a new double compost bin!


new compost bin

And what to do with the bamboo canes I cut down in autumn? Using some left over pieces of drainage and down-pipe,  I’ve got cane holders!

Bamboo in Downpipe

Last of all, a dear little Wendy house, from off cuts of wood, cladding and gutter and I think we may have enough off cuts, of the new composite decking to make a veranda!

Who is the “Bob the Builder” in my garden I here you ask?

Mr. K from Kent's gardening

Yes it’s Mr K!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Phew! Now we are all full of Christmas cheer and pudding, and we’ve cleared away the heaps of wrapping paper, it’s a great time to sit back sharpen those pencils and make plans for the New Year.

pencil and plans

Which DIY project to start first? What will I need? Do I have the tools? Can I do it myself? So many questions and we have all the answers, alright most of them! What we don’t know we will find out!

half built deck

Whilst we have our feet up and are gearing up for the New Year, visit our web pages www.kentsdirect.com for products, sizes and ideas!

finished deck

Wishing you all a brilliant and busy New Year


#clareshintsandtips preview-

Celebrate with us 25 years, champagne give away every month 2014!

Happy Xmas

Christmas is almost here!

What an incredible years it’s been, with getting settled into our new premises, which enabling us to have more products and huge stocks.

Kent's warehouse

Not to mention acquiring a fork lift and the training involved. There were many worried faces and whispers of it will never get through that gap!

Kent's forklift

With Mr Kent doing his best Bob the Builder the showroom gradually evolved and grew. Giving you all a chance to say “I never knew you sold that or those!”


Mr. K working hard

We are also very pleased to welcome new members of staff Ben, Dave, Austin and our apprentice Jay.


New showroom

So a huge thanks to everyone, staff and customers alike for helping to make this year a year to remember. Have a wonderful christmas.

Christmas Tree

#clareshintsandtips preview-

Look out for our 25 year celebration in 2014 , give always, competitions and great discounts!

Clare’s Hints & Tips-breathable membranes

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-when using externally cladding remember to purchase some breathable 

membrane too. This will help the timber batons and brick work breath, also helps prevent 

water penetration. This is particularly important if you are cladding a north facing wall and 

in view of the particularly wet windy weather we have had over the past 24 months! Fixing 

is easy, first fix batons on wall at intervals recommended by manufacture apply membrane 

Then fix second row of batons, you can usually fix to the first set, then clad. Top tip don’t 

over tighten screws, you will not only distort the cladding, but also prevent a small amount 

of movement the cladding needs..

Clare’s Hints & Tips-saving water

 Clare’s Hints & Tips-Save water with a water butt! Check your gutters and down pipes 

first, making sure there’s no leaks and the fixings are placed close enough together and 

strong enough for the job! Clear any debris from the gutter and down pipe, now your 

ready to fit the water butt, this is very easy, check that the water butt you purchased has a 

stand, tap and diverter included. Set up the water butt on its stand in its final position, now 

your ready to mark the down pipe the instructions given for your product will tell you how 

much needs to be removed, place diverter this is sometimes a tight fit. Attach hose to 

water butt (you may need to make the hole, this is usually marked by a round shallow 

indent) remember to use all the washers/screws provided. If you think you have the space 

I would consider putting two water butts on one down pipe, all you need to do is join the two 

together using just the pipe section from the diverter (on the main butt, you will need to make 

LAN extra hole a similar hieght to the original rain diverter.

Clare’s Hints & Tips-Panels

 Clare’s Hints & Hints

Replacing door panels, or the panels below windows. Often these panels are very flimsy with little or no strength or insulating properties! When you order a  replacement panel ask for one that is reinforced, this will not only give you much better  security (and peace of mind) but is also much thicker adding some much needed insulation to this area. It will cost more than the old style panel, but in my opion is defiantly worth paying out for.