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Up and running!!

Its been a long old road, but we are here!!

At Widemarsh Street!

The weather didnt help for the photography, we cant control that!

Meet our Bear!

Hereford Widemarsh Street Front


Our racks are now stacked



And we have plenty of gutter parts ready to go



Showroom area is slowly filling up but is looking smart



Nearly Ready

Here’s how it’s all going at the new place! The boys kitchen has a window!!!

Timbers on the racking, just need some stock!

Doors! Doors! Doors! Bi folds for the showroom, beautiful interior doors for the offices and a gorgeous composite door too!

The boys are very excited with their new toy!

Carpet fitters have finished in the office, perhaps we could do with some furniture?

Did I mention the office kitchen! No! Here’s are hard working carpet / flooring fitter making a fabulous job of smarting up the kitchen floor

New signs on the outside, unfortunately it was to dark to take a photo! If you haven’t spotted them yet, look out for the “bear”,! 

Xmas hours revisited

To make sure everyone is aware of our Christmas opening hours I thought i would post them up here again.

Christmas Hours


Not Long Now

What’s happening? All those busy bees are almost ready for a rest!
Even the electricians smiling!

Where’s the racking? It arrived and it’s been erected! Both the orange heavy duty

And the blue, lighter weight racking. Those with eagle eyes will notice they need boarding to finish.

A new toy! Yes it’s a forklift! Let the training begin!!

Not much change you’ll say in the showroom, just wait till next week!

Even the outside is changing! All the old signs are gone, new ones on order, with one big surprise!

But don’t worry we will leave the original name plate

Ready for winter?

Let’s get all those windows and doors ready for the winter!

On a dry day, open those windows! Look closely at the channel around the window, it should be dust, grit and spider free!

If not, use a damp soft cloth and clean. Do the same for the channel in the frame, please re home our spider friends!

Peer at the frame and look for the drainage hole, is it blocked? No, amazing! Yes, never fear a trusty pin will soon have it clear!

With a dry cloth wipe the hinges or use a soft brush to remove grit, get your silicone spray ready and apply to hinges, they’ll move more freely, handy when the north wind is blowing!

Don’t forget your front and back doors too, they love a good clean! Sticky locks? Try a small squirt of silicone spray, into the lock, you’ll be so pleased late at night in the pouring rain when your key turns easily and the Door opens without a kick or push!

New Move Update!

It’s been a hive of industry, with electricians, builders, plumbers, painters, carpet fitters, telecom bods and computer people!

What’s the results I here you say! Well walls have been pulled down and new partitions put up ( new offices for Elv and Mycal )

Showroom and counter area, has been opened up and a new counter at “leaning” height installed. What about the shelving and brackets? There on their way!

And a wall would be good! Yes it’s on it’s way! With a door too!

And I know your all worried about our staff having a kitchen, it’s a work in progress!
First cuppa to be made very soon!

Stop press! stop press! stop press!
We’ve set the date for moving in! December 22nd 2014, look out for more news to follow!

Stop press!

Stop Press !

Hereford branch is on the move! We’ve squashed and squeezed stock into a small space but soon we’ll be ensconced in 3 x the space!

Don’t get to excited! Here’s how it looks today! There’s a little work to do!!

And the showroom? Well it’s in slightly better shape. With many a spider to re home!

Room for an office? I think so, could do with a lick of paint and some furniture!

Not enough racking! Here’s some we took down earlier, to put back up later!

How about the some more office space? Mmmm, I think we might need some help here!

Time for a cuppa? Soon, once the kitchens in!

November is here!

It’s that time of year when the beautiful autumnal colours lead to leaves clog up the gutters and Downpipes! What to do! Don’t tear your hair out, here’s what you can do!

Get those gutters and Downpipes cleaned and unplugged, whilst your there check the clips are secure and everything looks in good nick!

Next measure some hedgehog! No! Not the cute prickly mammal! A bristly gutter guard, looks like a very long loo brush!

It’s virtually indestructible , that’s not a challenge! Easy to fit even round corners!

Don’t forget you can even use hedgehog in gully drainage too!

Christmas Hours

Is it too early to mention the word Christmas?


We have decided on our Christmas opening hours and we wanted to give ample warning to our customers!


Check them on this page here 

Surplus doors!

On the back of our briliant Open Day event last week, we still have some ex display doors at incredible prices!

Come instore at Yate to take advantage!

Open Day in Yate


Come into our Yate branch on the 24th or 25th of October to pick up some of our fantastic stock doors at Cost Price!!

Champagne winner!

Another month another winner.


Well done to Dave Mitchell of DMS


A little extra to celebrate as its Dave’s Birthday at the same time

Hereford Open Day

Muddy Minions!

First of thanks to all of your who donated to a good cause for the Mud Runner event that  a few of us completed a week back.


Secondly congrats to our ‘Muddy Minions’ pictured here taking a well earned mud bath afterwards!!!


Champagne Winner May!!

Our latest winner in Yate!

Not much to celebrate with the World Cup, so maybe save this for the Euro’s?

New Opening Hours

Early bird catches the worm!


Like this little fella above, you too will be able to catch thew worm!


As of Monday 30th of June our opening hours will be changing.

They will look like this

Mon – Fri 8.30am – 4.30pm

Sat 8.30am – 12pm

Herefords Champagne Winner for April!

Better late than ever but our April winner for the bottle of champagne in Hereford has finally come in to collect his prize!!


Congratulations to Clint Davies, a general builder from Hereford!


Where can i use polycarbonate?

Where can I use polycarbonate sheeting? You asked and here are some suggestions! I hope your sitting comfortably then I’ll begin!

Conservatory roof, in clear, great for north facing, opal or bronze for south facing!

Carports or door canopy, *Top Tip – let your supplier know which measurement is the slope, so the “ribs” run down the slope.

Sheds, keeps weather out, let’s light in! Works well for greenhouses too! Much safer than glass!

Cold frames and cloches, light weight easy to move, warms up soil quickly and can be made easily from off cuts!

More ideas! I’ve seen it used for part of a rabbit run and one very happy tortoise has a bronze polycarbonate roofed shelter!


Our range of polycarb can be viewed here

Finish it off with new doors!

You’ve repainted , wallpapered and added rugs, cushions and a new picture or two but it still doesn’t look quite right!

Have you thought about changing the doors? Yes the internal doors! This years top decorating tip!

So many styles, from the very traditional to ultra modern, giving a fresh new look to your home.

You need odd sized doors? Or want to design something yourself? Or have matching wardrobe doors? Yes it’s all possible!

Room or hallway to dark? Many door styles come in a glazed and unglazed style! Giving you as much light as you need.

You want to see the designs and quality? Come to our showroom to see your style of door!

Yate April Champagne Winner

Congratulations for our latest Champagne winner.

Mark Mainstone pictured here with Austin in our new Outdoor Living Display.


Mark has been buying fascia and rainwater good from us for a few years now

and rushed in to collect his winnings once he knew!!