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Revised PVC Cladding range

Freefoam have launched a new range of Exterior PVC cladding.


Fortex Clic has arrived. Whats the benefit over the standard Fortex cladding? No butt joints!

The end of each board has a tongue and groove which click together and seal against the elements. Apart from that it is fixed by the same methods as any other PVC cladding. Also these boards come as a 3.2 metre length, in a pack of 6. This means the boards are less flexible, lighter and easier to fit. In stock now and ready for dispatch!

Also, as well as the introduction of a new cladding, we are pleased to announce that the rest of the Cladding range is being updated too. We now offer the full range of Fortex cladding and the very popular Anthracite Grey shiplap cladding. The must have colour of the year.

Want to change the look of your house or even build a new shed? Make a custom one and cover it in PVC cladding and it will outlast any Timber shed!

Easter 2016 Opening Hours

Our branches will be closed from 4.30pm on Thursday 24th and will reopen on Tuesday 29th at 7.30am


As a result we will not be answering any call or emails and orders will get processed on our return on the 29th.

From all at Kents we hope you have an enjoyable break!

Want to work for Kents?

We have 3 vacancies at our Yate, Bristol branch starting immediately.

Look through our openings and see if there is anything for you, or someone you know.

Now its Herefords turn…

Our Yate branch had its Open Day last week, and what a success it was.

Help us beat it by coming along to our Hereford branch this Friday (11/3/16)

Deals, deals, deals….

Throughout the day in store we will be offering some incredible deals which will take some beating.

Internal Oak 30inch door only £65!

Firedoor in 33inch to match at only £105!

Running low on silicone? Box of 25 silicone from just £25.

New Geopanel range on display, we have had some fantastic feedback from this already, its proving to be a real hit.

Food and drinks served from 12, so come in on your lunch break and witness the event for yourself!


Terms and conditions apply

Bristol Branch Open Day….

March 4th @ Yate.

Come in store to take advantage of our open day only deals, giveaways and przes.


We will have some truly unbeatable deals available on the day. More will be revealed throughout the week, but here is a snippet!

Keep your ears pealed for us on the radio for reminders and more info.

Time to re-roof you garage? Recent storms done some damage?

Repair the damage with our Bitumen Sheets

We have taken a proper beating this year with the storms that keep coming. Chances are you have been unlucky enough to have something damaged by them. I had some roofing felt fly over into my garden from a neighbours dilapidated shed. It ended up in my apple tree!

Roofing felt on a shed typically is thin and is only going to last for a few years.

Bitumen corrugated sheets are the answer.


They are light, strong, easy to fit and long lasting. They also come in 4 colours to add a new dimension to your shed. Fitted properly they wont come off in a storm, they have been proven to sit tight in 120mph winds!

You can read more about these sheets on our information page.


Ever used Wonder wipes?

If you have never used Wonder Wipes you are missing out!

They do a great job of cleaning a lot of things, from a lot of stuff!

Best of all, Everbuild have now released a new products based on them….

Introducing Wonder Wipes Spray.

Made from the same solution that they wipes are soaked in, for jobs where you just need a little more moisture.


Storm Damage?

How has your house stood up to Storm Gertrude? Suffered any storm damage?


Rain and winds of this ferocity will show up all the faults in any rainwater system. Joints can stop sealing, gutters can over flow and poor fitting fascias can literally blow away!

You may be looking out the window now, watching Storm Henry do its thing, thinking that you don’t really want to be on top a ladder in this weather, but failing to correctly expel all rainwater to drains and soak-aways can lead to major structural issues. The last thing you want right now is excess rainwater finding its way behind dodgy house render and blowing it off when we get the next cold snap.

You should book in a professional to come and replace all faulty parts as quick as possible. Or if you are handy with a ladder and hammer, order up the replacement bits online then wait for the weather to pass and use the weekend to keep everything watertight and looking shipshape.

Here at Kents we can get new Rainwater goods and Fasica’s out to you in double quick time, order online, pay by Card or PayPal. Its easy.


Whilst you are at it, why not ‘upgrade’ to our newly released Anthracite Grey Guttering and Fascia?



Anthracite Grey Gutter – In Stock!

The colour to have this year it would appear, this is flying off the shelf!

We now have Anthracite Grey Gutter (RAL7016) in stock to match up to our ever popular anthracite grey fascia boards that we introduced a few years back.

Supplied in a deepflow style its capable of draining all but the most demanding roof setups.

Buy it now and be the trend setters on your road!

New Shop front at our Hereford Branch

It was time to replace our shop front at Hereford. It was timber and showing signs of disrepair.

Paul from Ketrel Windows fitted them for us. We used a upvc Veka profile which is the same as we would supply to our customers.

We blocked the entrance for the morning to safetly remove the old doors and windows.


This was a fairly straight forward job and left a fairly clean opening for the new frames to sit into.


Working from one side Paul fixed each frame to each other, the wall, floor, and the ceiling.


French doors going in. Notice the Dog bone reinforcements between frames. This was a wide opening and these do a brilliant job of firming them up. They hardly move at all now.

One man band Paul does a good job of employing clamps to help position and hold in place frames.

All finished apart from the glazing, it looks 100 times better now than it did before.

And now from the outside, tiny bit of snagging to do but I think you will agree that it looks excellent. Its somewhat brightened up the dark ‘porch’ like look of the front and really lights up the showroom from inside.

We call it a bargeboard, what do you call it?

There are many different ways to describe the same things.


We take a look at the most commonly used terms we have heard and group together what they mean.

Read more here

If you have any more to add to the mix, please do, we would like to make the most exhaustive list around!


Impress your builder mates with the right lingo!

Bargeboard – Fascia board which runs up the sloping edge of a roof
 Ridge – The point of the roof
Verge – The sloping end of the roof
Eaves – Bottom of roof slope
Fascia – Board that guttering is fitted to

You may decide to work on your upvc fascias only, plastic soffits only, cladding only, bargeboards only or any combination of these. Kents Direct can supply the right combination of products you’ll need.


To Cap or Replace?

If the current timber is sound, it is perfectly acceptable to use capping boards. Small areas of isolated rot can be cut out completely back to sound timber and the sawn ends treated with timber preservative prior to capping. However, if rot is present it is better to remove the timber and use a replacement fascia board.

Capping Board Types

Our capping boards are 10mm thick. They should have a timber behind them to fix the gutters through and to support the roof tiles. Our replacement fascia boards are 18mm thick and do not require the timber backing as they will support the gutter screws.

Fascia Board Style & Finish
We stock the widest choice of pvc fascia boards and colours to ensure a match to your property.

We can supply in Foiled Woodgrain colours to match your existing windows and doors, and we also have the full range of Freefoam coloured products available

Capping Boards

Plain Ogee

Replacement Boards

Plain Bullnose

Plain boards are available in White, Black, Brown, Storm Grey, Dark Grey, Anthracite Grey, Sable, Pale Gold, Green, Rosewood, Mahogany & Oak woodgrain.


You will need to measure the lengths and depth of each run of fascia and note how they end – e.g. butt to a wall; turn a 90′ angle

We can supply External Corners, Internal Corners, 135 degree Corners, Straight Joints and Finials to finish the job properly

Barge Boards

Luxury Bargeboard Moulding

Bargeboards are essentially the same as Fascia boards, most houses will use exactly the same boards for both areas. However, they can sometimes be more decorative than Fascias.

For example we can supply Concave and Convex lengths of bargeboards

These are supplied in 5 metre lengths.

Unlike fascia boards which have a L shaped profile these boards are flat and approx 18mm thick


Where bargeboards end in a gable end box, measure the maximum depth and length of each box.


On older properties, the bargeboards were ofter carved to give a quality look. We are now able to offer a moulding that fits to our capping or replacement boards to give that traditional look. An accurate measurement of the length of each bargeboard will be required if you plan to use these mouldings

*TIP On most properties bargeboards are between 4.2m and 4.9m long.

Our range of moulding can be found here


Cover or Replace? 

Exisiting soffits that have a grey finish are probably a cement based board and are maintenance free unless you paint them. As soffits are always in shadow, it is not unusual to leave these boards as they are. If you decide to fit a new soffit, it is not necessary to remove the old unless there is any rot. An existing soffit is normally a good surface to fix to.

Soffits can be fixed in a few different ways.

Polytop pins/nails can be used for both solid and hollow soffits. These are colour matched plastic headed pins/nails which blend in to the board.

Hollow soffit boards can also be attached by using 30mm cladding pins, which have no bulky head on them and can be fixed through the back of the groove providing a complete hidden fixing.


We offer a choice of soffit styles as shown below.

Hollow tongue and groove soffit on the left and Solid board on the right.


Houses are now well insulated and must have ventilation to the roof space to stop condensation.

We supply a few different solutions for ventilation.


Often in older properties the roofing felt has worn along the top of the fascia board and no longer hangs 50mm into the gutter.

Left damaged this can cause major issues in the future. The rain can enter the roofspace and cause rot in the roof timbers. This can also find its way inside the house and can show up on ceilings as damp patch. It can also cause the front of a building to get wetter than it should in concentrated spots, which can lead to penetrating damp issues, and can also show up failings in rendered buildings by travelling through cracks at an alarming rate.

At the first sign of damage being caused by rain you should seek to rectify the problem asap.

As a simple fix we have replacement eaves trays which slide up under the first row of tiles and divert rain down into the gutter.

This involves pushing the first 2 rows of tiles up the roof to gain access to the damaged felt. From here the new trays can be fitted under the remaining felt to help support the felt from sagging between rafters and also now provides a very long lasting protrusion into the gutter allowing any water that has found its way under the tiles to be drained safely into the gutter where it belongs.

We can also supply replacement breathable roofing underlay for new builds.

Any problems with any part of your fascia, boards or soffits call us on 01454 313135!

Woodgrain colour range due to expand

Or upvc woodgrain fascia colour range is shortly about to be joined by Woodgrain Anthracite Grey, Woodgrain Cream and Woodgrain Chartwell Green.

Kents have been supplying doors and windows in these colour for many years now, and traditionally it has been difficult to get matching trims and even silicones to finish the job as you would like, or even to tie in the colour and grain to your fascia and soffits.


More info on our full woodgrain range can be found on this page


Christmas Hours 2015

Please note we will be shut from 4.30pm on Wednesday 23rd December

We will reopen from 7.30am on Monday 4th January

As a result we will not be able to pick up any phone calls between these dates, nor will we respond to any emails or orders.

The last order date will be Friday 18th December. This will be for goods that are in stock and will be dispatched on Monday 21st December

All orders placed after this date will be processed on our return on Monday 4th January.

All out of stock products will be ordered on Monday 4th January for deliver as soon as possible afterwards.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Kents

Totally refreshed!


You will notice that we are now running on a much newer fresher looking kentsdirect.com.


Have no fear, its still us. The same great service, same great prices and even bigger range. Take a look around the site, you will see even more products and even more information.


To celebrate and top if off, anyone reading this will get a £10 voucher to use on any online order over £100 before the end of the year!!

Just enter the voucher code ‘blog2015’ into the voucher box when checking out, simples!


This will be a once per customer offer and will not work in conjunction with any other offer on at the time.

New shower paneling

New to us is Freefoam’s latest creation.
7mm Thick shower panels. 2400mm x 600mm
These come as a pack of 2 and greatly reduce the time spend tiling and grouting.
These are the so quick and easy to clean you will want to put them everywhere.
We now offer these with the best finishing trims we have seen yet, they are aluminium and come in white or bright silver. They add a real touch of class to a brilliant alternative to tiling.
Choose from 6 popular colours
Gloss White – Travertine – Black Diamond – Light Grey – Pergamon – Arctic White

Decking Screws Suitability

Wonder what screws are suitable for different subframes for decks?

We had a customer ask if the decking could be fixed to steel framework. The best way to do this would be to fit treated timbers to the top of the steel and use the brackets supplied with the decking to fix to those timbers. This is easier than having to make the correct size pilot holes to fit 2 brackets every metre in every bearer and buying screws that will self tap into the steel. Also the holes in decking brackets are designed for standard sized screws and specialist steel fixings would not fit them

Decking on offer throughout May


This month online and instore decking is at a massive 50% off RRP.


Take advantage and save £££’s transforming your garden into something the neighbours will envy.


Get in quick and you can even take away today in certain colours.

Fitrite Evo Decking

Twinson Composite Decking

Gutter deal

Say hello to Dwain!

We are happy to introduce to you all out latest member of the team.


He knows rainwater products in and out and is show here displaying our latest range of Dickies Workwear!

His name – Dwain Pipe!