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Warm roof construction is the process of converting a new or existing roof to a tiled, warm roof. It’s a highly flexible process, suitable for a wide range of single story extensions, including orangeries & conservatories. At Kents Building Plastics, we supply high quality warm roofs in two variations, sentinel roofs and solid roofs. Both are suitable for different types of installations, however both offer similarly excellent benefits. To help you learn more about warm
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For those who’ve had considerable experience fitting fascia boards, you’ve no doubt developed an adept approach to completing the work. However, there’s no harm in looking for ways to improve. Although some of these tips may not be applicable to you, we’ve created a list of things for installers to avoid when fitting fascias. Avoid vents (at the ends of a run) bearing too much weight If you’re planning to install over fascia ventilation, it’s
Poor underground drainage can quickly become an extreme concern. However, with a proficient system in place, a range of problems can be avoided. Here at Kents, we supply a PVC-U Floplast 110mm underground drainage system. It’s easy to install and high performance. We’ve outlined a number of specific examples below, where installers should consider one. Clogged pipes Back in 2013, a 15-tonne ball of grease was found blocking 95% of a 2.4 metre diameter brick
Comp door
Nowadays, composite doors are increasingly seen on the entrances of residential properties. This is not wholly surprising; they combine a number of materials, taking their best qualities, ensuring for a high-performance door. But what materials are these, and what specific benefits do they provide? Here at Kents Building Plastics, we look at what composite doors are made of, giving installers a precise idea of the quality we have on offer here. Skin The outer skin
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Bi-folding doors are an increasingly popular patio door choice. Their smooth functionality and attractive aesthetics have proved a hit with both homeowners and commercial property managers alike. Bi-fold doors feature a unique side stacking system which, when open creates a wide space, seamlessly linking your interior and exterior space. When closed, they create a wall of glass, maximising natural light intake to create a bright and airy interior to any property. At Kents Building Plastics,
Due to the effect of the recent weather fronts all of our branches will be shut again today, Saturday 3/3/18 We apologise for any inconvenience caused but as i’m sure you agree, safety come first in these conditions We will update this page if anything changes Our couriers have a number of Depots which are struggling with the conditions and are trying hard to keep on top of deliveries but ultimately some will be late.
Buying a cheap outside door can be appealing to the pocket, but what is the true cost? Cheap, poorly made uPVC doors can stress the hinges. The weight of the door will force it into misalignment at which point it will be difficult not only to open and close but to lock and unlock. Continued use of the door may damage the lock, which will then need to be replaced. uPVC doors have an advantage
Due to the weather this week deliveries to snow effected areas will more that likely be disrupted. Our couriers have a number of Depots which are struggling with the conditions and are trying hard to keep on top of deliveries but ultimately some will be late.   They and we apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you can understand the situation.
2nd February 2018

Why deepflow?

Why would I need to use deepflow instead of the standard half round gutter? There are a few reasons you may wish to install deepflow gutter instead of half round gutter on a residential building. If the design of the roof, the sheer size and pitch of the roof or the environmental conditions in your neck of the woods means that there is likely an increased amount of rainfall, you may find that the standard
Lightweight roofing tiles have opened up many possibilities to traditional building techniques, that have not been possible before due to the weight and materials used before. Take for example this job undertaken by a large home building company. With the use of Envirotiles they were able to fully assemble the roof at ground level and simply hoist into place. This has allowed for a major cut in time taken. The brickwork on the walls can