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Time to re-roof you garage? Recent storms done some damage?

Repair the damage with our Bitumen Sheets

We have taken a proper beating this year with the storms that keep coming. Chances are you have been unlucky enough to have something damaged by them. I had some roofing felt fly over into my garden from a neighbours dilapidated shed. It ended up in my apple tree!

Roofing felt on a shed typically is thin and is only going to last for a few years.

Bitumen corrugated sheets are the answer.

Bitumen sheets on shed roof


They are light, strong, easy to fit and long lasting. They also come in 4 colours to add a new dimension to your shed. Fitted properly they wont come off in a storm, they have been proven to sit tight in 120mph winds!


You can read more about these sheets on our information page.